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If you find yourself sitting in front of the TV watching a paranormal show and thinking “I hope I never see a ghost”, congratulations… you’re totally normal! If you dream of having a ghostly encounter, though, I have some good news for you, you weirdo; Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures fame has just opened the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, and it looks like it won’t disappoint.

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Whatever your feelings on Bagans (or ghosts in general), there’s no denying that his collection of objects is impressive. Whatever you fear, he has something on display that will chill you to your bone. He’s got a ton of allegedly haunted objects that fans of Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans might recognize, like the original staircase from the “Demon House” in Indiana and the Dybbuk Box that he claims is the “most haunted object in the world”. He is also in possession of Bela Lugosi’s cursed mirror (look into it at your own risk).

If you don’t go for ghost stories, he’s also got a pretty disturbing collection of objects from serial killers and celebrity deaths. Jack Kevorkian’s VW death van, pill bottles from the scene of Truman Capote’s death, and the “Propofol chair” from the room where Michael Jackson died are among the interesting and morbid attractions. Paintings done by John Wayne Gacy, a bloody handprint from Charles Manson, drawings from Richard Ramirez, and a cauldron used by Ed Gein are among the more chilling artifacts on display. Other historic odds and ends include a Nazi helmet with a bullet in it and Wyatt Earp’s Bible.

A lot of the stuff isn’t necessarily haunted or considered “murderbilia”… it’s mostly just weird and creepy. Think, haunting displays of weird dolls, bloody mannequins, and lots and lots of vintage circus kitsch. You might even want to keep an eye out for jump-scares, secret passageways, and unexpected surprises.

It all amounts to about 30 rooms of pretty weird stuff. And, of course, he’s put it all on display in an allegedly haunted house. A prominent local businessman named Cyril S. Wengert once owned the building, and it’s claimed that the spirits of those who died in the house still roam the halls. Add in some rumors about satanic rituals in the basement during the 70s, and you’ve got the perfect storm of scary. Some claim to have spied a “black-cloaked figure” stalking down the hallways when touring the museum, so definitely watch your back.

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Tours are offered between 1-9 PM daily. Tickets cost $34 a person and must be reserved in advance. You must be 16 years or older to visit, and waivers have to be signed before entering.

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  1. Kinda weird but while I was watching the interview with Zak my tablet that has full power just shut down for no reason! I am a big fan of Ghost Adventures.


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