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It feels like roller coaster records are constantly being broken; sometimes it seems like a new coaster comes along to break records set only a year before. It’s always fun to see what new twists and turns roller coaster designers are coming up with to top one another, though. And honestly, the newest record-breaker that’s about to hit the scene really does sound like some Roller Coaster Tycoon-level insanity. In a good way.

Canada’s Wonderland, a theme park outside Toronto, just unveiled plans for the new ride. It’s due to be called the Yukon Striker, and it looks stomach-turning-ly intense. It’ll be a dive coaster; it gets its name from the first drop, a 90-degree, 245-foot plunge into an underwater tunnel. Woof. And that’s not all; the whole thing will be a whopping 3,625 feet long, with a 360-degree loop. Plans have it hitting 80mph for speed.

via Youtube/Canada’s Wonderland

Honestly, though, the scariest part of the whole experience should be the eternal-feeling three-second pause right at the veeery¬†edge of that 90-degree drop. That almost feels cruel, in my opinion. If you’re not clenching your eyes closed and bracing for certain death at this point, though, you might even be able to spy the Toronto skyline in the distance. Lovely.

via Youtube/Canada’s Wonderland

The coaster is already drawing comparisons to Valravn, Cedar Point‘s dive coaster whose 90-degree drop is a measly 214 feet tall, and only goes 75 MPH. That’s baby town compared to what Yukon Striker will be. Naturally, Yukon Striker will claim several of Valravn’s records: tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster.

via Youtube/Canada’s Wonderland

This is Canada’s first dive coaster, so they’re really starting off with a bang. But, what I’m really excited for is to see what epic dive coaster comes along in 2020 to top the records set by this monster thrill ride.

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