US of A: While the tradition of egg rolling has its origins in the UK, the most famous egg roll happens every Easter Monday on the White House lawn. The First Family has hosted the event almost every year since the early 1800s.

Children come to race to see who can roll their egg down the lawn with a long-handled spoon the fastest. The event also features an appearance from the Easter Bunny, which is a weirdo tradition in its own right, if you really think about it.

Military Children, Families Participate in White House Easter Egg Roll

England: There are only a few places in the country where you can find still Pace egg plays, but they’re still going strong after hundreds of years in a few small towns like Heptonstall in West Yorkshire. The plays usually depict St. George locked in a monumentally epic struggle with evil. Pace plays are often accompanied by Morris dancing, a bouncy, skip-like traditional dance.


Czech Republic/Slovakia: Though it sounds painful, Whipping Monday is actually very popular. Men lightly whip or spank women with special whips to show their affection. Some women even give the men colored eggs or money to thank them for the favor- according to legend, spanking a woman ensures that she will keep her health and beauty throughout the next year.

Easter whip, Czech Republic

Poland: Dyngus Day is a variation on Whipping Monday- boys will lightly whip girls with a pussy willow or dump water on them- but the girls get their revenge with whips and water the next day, on Easter Tuesday. The tradition of Dyngus Day is especially popular with the Polish community of Buffalo, New York. If you had trouble making it through this paragraph without giggling, don’t worry— you’re not the only one.

Húsvét Ópusztaszeren 2009

Greece: If you’re looking to have a Big Fat Greek Easter, then you’ll need to stock up on fireworks and earthenware pots. As soon as Easter Mass ends, townspeople all across Greece hurl pots out of their windows in order to ward off evil and bring prosperity. Another tradition, known as rouketopolemos, is celebrated in the town of Vrontados. Two rival church congregations celebrate by attempting to knock down each other’s bell towers using fireworks as ammo.

Tέσσερις ιδανικοί προορισμοί για Πάσχα στην Ελλάδα


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