It’s hard to believe that there wasn’t already a fully-accessible, inclusive water park for children and teens with special needs. Well, Morgan’s Wonderland thought so too. Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a San Antonio waterpark that’s is 100% accessible to visitors with disabilities. Most parks have areas that are designated as wheelchair-accessible, but this park is the first of its kind, and hopefully we’ll see more popping up.

(Picture: Morgans Wonderland)

Morgan’s Wonderland itself is an inclusive theme park, opened by disability advocate Gordon Hartman. So how does it work exactly?

“There are waterproof wheelchairs on offer, that run on air compression instead of electricity (so visitors won’t need to worry about damaging their own expensive chairs), waterproof GPS wristbands that allow parents to keep track of their kids throughout the day, a lighthouse, a river boat ride, and five water play areas. Water temperatures can be tweaked to accomodate those who are sensitive to the cold, too, and there are plenty of spacious private areas where guests can relax if things become overwhelming. The entire park has been made in consultation with teachers, parents, doctors, caregivers, and therapists, and has been tested by special needs groups.” – Metro

(Picture: Morgans Wonderland)

The park is also free for guests with special needs.

(Picture: Morgans Wonderland)

Read more at Metro.

Here’s the story of their sister park, Morgan’s Wonderland:




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