Would your special someone rather watch a slasher flick than a rom com? Is her dream bouquet is made of black roses? Or maybe her ultimate celebrity crush is Pinhead? then we have great news for you! Valentine’s Day haunted houses are a thing. That’s right… the adrenaline-pumping jump-scares of a haunted house aren’t just for Halloween anymore. So, if you’re looking for a date that’s on the darker side, check out these February haunted houses that explore the twisted side of love and romance.

Love Bites

Love Bites is bringing its Valentine’s Day horror concept to a bunch of haunted houses in cities across the country. The plot, which is the same for all of the locations, looks intriguing.

Lord Tenebris has slept for centuries waiting, anticipating, a world easy to take over. His brides have searched during his slumber waiting for the world to be ready.

That time is now.

His minions are hatching, his brood is returning, his legacy is on the horizon. Do you have what it takes to vanquish Lord Tenebris? Are you brave enough to enter the decaying manor and banish these creatures of the night from this world?

So basically, a decaying carcass of a zombie is assembling an army of vampire brides to set out for world domination. You know, just another normal date night. Find it at Akron, OH’s Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory, Austin’s House of Torment, 13th Floor in Denver and Chicago, Nashville Nightmare, The Fear PDX in Portland, Oregon and Seymour, Indiana’s Fear Fair.

Massacre Haunted House

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This Illinois attraction’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre” themed haunted house is part cheeky nod to Chicago gangster Al Capone and part gruesome frightfest. Actually it’s mostly a gruesome frightfest. They describe it as a “multi-themed interactive haunted house experience like no other”. This is their 4th year running the Valentine-themed event, so they know what they’re doing. Like many Valentine’s Day haunted houses, Massacre Haunted House’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre” is a one-night-only event on February 10th, so get your tickets now.

Moxley Manor

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Dallas-Fort Worth’s Moxley Manor is putting on a Valentine’s Day event for the 8th year. Their Valentine’s Day Massacre is going down on February 10th. Which is nice because that still leaves you open for a romantic dinner on the 14th… relationships are all about compromise, you know.

The Haunted Farm

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I Love You To Death at Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Haunted Farm is the perfect place to show that special someone that you love them to… well, you know. To be honest, their event sounds downright horrifying.

We’re opening for three special and romantic nights in February (9th, 10th, and 14th)! Bring your Valentine on the date of their dreams…er…nightmares!! Take a lovely stroll through The Woods of Bleeding Hearts and then work your way through the haunted maze – including The Tunnel of Tormented Love! Remember, ‘The couple that slays together, stays together!


They promise that you’ll leave broken-hearted… so hopefully your relationship is strong enough to withstand the terror!

Brighton Asylum

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Spice up your relationship with a trip to Passaic, New Jersey’s Brighton Asylum’s Dark Valentine: Blind Date. This puts a frightening spin on the typical Valentine’s Day haunted houses; It’s a full-contact experience in the dark. On the bright side, you can be sure that your boo will be clinging to you as you navigate the haunted house by the light of a tiny LED candle. The event is taking place on February 9-10, so be prepared.

Fright Kingdom

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Not many Valentine’s Day haunted houses offer dinner and a show, but Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire does. For a dinner date that you won’t soon forget, book tickets to their “Forever Mine” experience. After you enjoy your “final feast” (chicken parm), you’ll then be set loose to explore their five attractions, which will include some Valentine’s Day twists. They’re offering two seatings on February 10th, so book tickets ASAP since they’re limited.

Dark Hour

via Facebook/Dark Hour Haunted House

Dark Hour in Plano, Texas has a horror for every season. Literally. From St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas (and even spring and summer), they always have something going on. And yes, they have a Valentine’s Day haunted house, too. A lot of their “shows” all take place in one universe, tied together by a fictional coven of witches. I can definitely get behind that level of detail and thought in my haunted house experience!

The air of love has a bitter burn when expelled from the lungs of Giselle Scuro. Giselle, a young witch, took herself away from Coven Manor across the countryside to spy for her sisters. Amongst the town folk, unrecognized for what she was, she met a handsome, young baron whose bold spirit and love of life rivaled her own, and so she took to Daniel Waggoner. He rode her through the towns and estates’, showing off his lovely prize, for Giselle was lovely indeed. Despite herself, she grew more than fond of the young baron, and he for her as he flaunted her to his high-society peers, unaware of her ghoulish secret. Their love was a burning, passionate fire, brightening everywhere they went, some even claiming that they could see the glow at a distance.

Consumed by her fervent love of this mortal man, Giselle decided that she would tell him what she was, keeping her heart hopeful that he would join her.

She rode to his home one evening to tell the baron her news, but found that she was too late; one of her own sisters in a terrible fit of jealousy had told Daniel the news and he hanged himself, unable to bear the disgust and horror at his deeds.

In a broken-hearted rage, Giselle now has cast a spell of darkness over the estates and surrounding countryside, determined that all would suffer as she is suffering, with sudden darkness and torment inside.

Disturbing plot aside, this haunted house experience will take place February 9th, 10th, and 14th.

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