This just in – all inventors might as well give up now because The Original Nomad has just created the greatest doodad of all time: a portable hot tub that you can take anywhere. I know, I know, just try to control yourselves.

This glorious piece of camping awesomeness was created by Portland company Original Nomad who thought to themselves, “what’s the greatest invention of all time, and how can we give it to the world?” The conclusion was a collapsible, portable hot tub that you can fold-up, pop in your car, and take with you on any camping trip, weekend at the cottage, or even a party… heck you can even bring it into work with you if you really want to.

“The Original Nomad company is inspired by the great outdoors and the creative, adventure seeking human spirit. Our experience has been greatly impressed by family and friends who have adventured creatively. We celebrate the memories made with those who pack well and have amazed us with the love and wonder inside their picnic baskets, cargo space and campsites.” – Original Nomad

The entire thing takes no more than twenty minutes to set up, so by the time you’re done with your first beer it’ll be time to hit the tub for a soak. The 225 gallon, 60″ by 24″ portable hot tub comes in three different colors and works with the official nomad water heater coil that’ll keep everything nice and toasty for hours to come.

I seriously can’t imagine a way to make camping better than jumping into a hot tub, next to a campfire in the woods, after a long day of hiking through some of America’s great national and state parks.

We promise that if you roll into a campground with one of these babies, you’ll be the most popular person at the site. Guaranteed.

If you’re the crafty type, it’s actually not too hard to make your own wood-fired hot tub as well. Perfect for those backyard camping adventures!



  1. Not sure where all you yuppies camp but getting that much water in a real camp site means one bucket at a time , back and forth and back and forth, repeat a few hundred times!!!!!!!!

  2. Well you would have to camp near a lake or stream, use a small electric pump for the water. The heater coil uses a fire. It’s obviously for car camping as certainly won’t fit in a back pack…and in my opinion way more trouble than it would be worth.

  3. i just bought one from them and it took 6 weeks to arrive and they lied to me.was supposed to be shipped in 3-4 weeks but took twice as long..nearly impossible to contact on the phone or by email they say they give status updates but that’s not true.silence is their resolution method.. don’t buy from this unethical company unless you want a similar

  4. Where/How do you get water doesn’t seem the problem. How long does it take to heat up cold mountain stream water is what I want to know. How long do you need to stay in one place to make use of this?

  5. Its heated by a propane tank or firewood. Water is brought from a stream, river, lake or ocean by a small water pump, sold separately. Its a half hour of work to sit in a hot tub. Its for car camping for sure.


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