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There are a lot of reasons we should take public transportation: it’s cheap, reliable, and more eco-friendly than using your own car to get around. Of course, there are valid reasons people don’t use it: it’s not always the most convenient, it puts you in close contact with people when you might want to be left alone, and it’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as being in a car. Surprisingly enough, fixing that last issue is a pretty good way to get people excited about taking a public bus, as we learned last week with the Forest Bus.

今晨真的是搭对公车了! #森林公车 #forestbus #taipei #cnflower #flowerstagram #zeeXtaipei

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The Forest Bus, which was located in Taipei, was covered in native, seasonal plants, flowers, and grasses, creating a jungle-like oasis. Floral designer and artist Alfie Lin was behind the installation, and he went all-out covering the bus in fragrant and colorful plants. It didn’t take long for the bus to become a viral sensation. It inspired riders to hop on and take a ride they might not normally take. Unlike with most buses, people were eager to get on but reluctant to get off. The route the Forest Bus took was quite special too, passing by cultural institutions like a baseball stadium, an art museum, a temple, and a night market.

THE MOST CHIC FOREST BUS IN TAIPEI🤘🏿 CREATED BY CNFLOWER . CN Flower 西恩花藝.美好關係最新創作🌿 男孩的異想森林🌿森林公車搶鮮看👀 5/24-5/28 光華203公車🚏天母—汐止🚌💨歡迎搭乘🚌💨 . 選用台灣藜、芭樂樹、馬鞭草、野薑花、左手香、豬籠草等台灣原生花草,在一陣滂沱交響陣雨陪襯下,洗了場巴士裡頭的芬多精浴🛁🛁🛁(有青草味是玩真的! . #CNFlower #西恩花藝 #男孩的異想森林 #全華人第一部森林公車 #美好關係傳出去 #森林公車施作中 #凌總監太帥(趁亂告白 #謝謝姊最愛姊 #forestbus #forest #greenfingers #greenthumb #Lezismore #plantart #plantlove

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While it was only a temporary display, I’d say that we learned a lot about how to make public transportation appealing and exciting: just make it Instagram-able.



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