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If you really think about it, St. Patrick’s Day is pretty dark and creepy. St. Patrick himself was captured by pirates and enslaved and he banished icky snakes from Ireland, not to mention the horror that is green beer and the ensuing hangover. A St. Patrick’s Day haunted house is a totally appropriate way to celebrate the religious holiday that’s turned into a cultural celebration of all things Irish/excuse to party. Here are a few of our creepy St. Patty’s Day favorites.

1. St. Patrick’s SLAY at Dark Hour

via Facebook/Dark Hour Haunted House

Dark Hour in Plano, TX has a haunted house for just about every season, and St. Patrick’s day is no exception. All of their haunts are centered around a fictional coven of witches, and they’re tying in Irish myth and folklore into their St. Patrick’s Day haunted house. It’s all going down on March 16th and 17th. Here’s a sample of what to expect when you visit:

The Irish hold the legend of Saint Patrick, whose story is a common one, and the witches know it well. They waited until the veil between the world of humans and the world of faeries was stretched thin and Shannon MacKenna rose to power in the Dark Hour coven. She called upon the Leprechaun and the Fomorian giants, the trolls, faeries, and goblins. She demanded that they go out and hunt men, using them in rituals as she makes mockery of the holiday.

To wreak havoc on the land and spread fear in the surrounding areas so the coven can take hold is their only purpose. They swarm at the call of the witches.

The numbers of the wee and faerie folk grew, coming through the portal from the green isle, but the witch Shannon MacKenna is too greedy and has reached too far. Even a magical hold of the little people is broken if you try to take their gold… now they’re taking back what is theirs and more, and the witches are scrambling for power and dominance with you in the crossfire.

2. Factory of Terror’s St. Patrick’s Day

via Facebook/Factory of Terror Haunted House

“Only the luck of the Irish can save you” from this Canton, OH horror. The two-night St. Patrick’s Day haunted house runs on the 16th and 17th of March and promises all of the scares you expect from the renowned haunted house. They’ve been recognized as the “longest indoor haunted attraction in the world” three times by Guinness World Records, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

3. Haunted Forest at Panic Point’s Panic on St. Pat’s


If you’re around Youngsville, NC, the Panic on St. Pat’s is your last chance to get in an old-fashioned scare before the Haunted Forest at Panic Point closes until the fall. Their special, one-night-only event on March 17th sounds… appropriately gruesome.

Spring is a time of transition where all things dormant, decaying, and rotting return to life. Not so fast! Before we hit the equinox and fully embrace the light, we commemorate one more final night on the haunted calendar filled with darkness and terror. Death is in season. The “Trooping Fairies” of the Celtic underworld will have their voices heard, while Pagan spells and incantations take hold of all who enter.

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