South Pearl Street is already one of Denver’s most well-known destinations. It boasts shopping, farmer’s markets, dining, and historic charm, attracting locals and visitors alike to the vibrant neighborhood. It’s no wonder, then, that when a pack of fairies moved into town, they decided to make their home in South Pearl. This is the story of how the South Pearl fairy doors came to be.

via Office of City Councilman Jolon Clark- District 7

The town first known for fairy doors is Ann Arbor, Michigan, but as the story goes, the little magical beings took a trip to Denver to see the great Painted Lady butterfly migration of 2017. The fairies moved in after they fell in love with South Pearl.

via Office of City Councilman Jolon Clark- District 7

At least, that’s the fun version of how the tiny doors on the sides of South Pearl businesses came to be. Here’s the less spellbinding (but still touching) version of the South Pearl fairy doors, from the Fairy Doors of South Peal Facebook page.

In the spirit of IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s Cultural Plan, Mayor Michael B. Hancock challenged Councilman Jolon Clark on October 3, 2017 to infuse arts and culture into Lucky District 7. Councilman Clark accepted the challenge and decided that the fairies that recently moved into the district could use some help sprucing up their neighborhood. Councilman Clark hired three local artists to work with the fairies and their merchant landlords to create a neighborhood worthy of South Pearl Street’s fairies!

Office of City Councilman Jolon Clark- District 7

There are about a dozen ornate fairy doors up and down South Pearl to discover. They’re on the sides of buildings occupied by some of the area’s top restaurants and most unique businesses. They were designed by three artists, all of whom have their own distinctive and whimsical flair.

via Office of City Councilman Jolon Clark- District 7
via Office of City Councilman Jolon Clark- District 7

You also might notice little objects left at or near the tiny doors. These, often small coins, rocks, or shells, were left by believers with a wish. Legend holds that fairies can grant wishes for anyone who leaves a gift for them. So, if you go in search of the fairy doors, bring along some small gifts to leave.

Ready to experience the magic of the South Pearl Fairy Doors? Here’s a map to help you find them!

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