Did you know there’s a hidden swimming hole within the city limits of Austin, TX…and it’s dog-friendly?! Me neither! Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been to Austin and know of a few cool “secret swim spots.” There are actually quite a few swimming holes in and around Austin. I mean, Austin’s a pretty awesome place if you like swimming holes and indie music and stuff like that. But, anyhow, let me introduce you to Sculpture Falls, this hidden gem of an urban oasis is part of Barton Creek Greenbelt (yes, the same Barton Creek that includes Barton Springs…SPOILER ALERT: It’s another sweet swimming hole).

It’s just a moderate 2.5 mile hike from the trailhead and it’s pretty serene. Depending on the time of year you go the falls will either be flowing or on the drier side.


via Flickr

You’ll want to remember to pack plenty of water, sunscreen (obvs), bathing suits (nudity isn’t really encouraged, but you do you), towels, and water shoes are also a pretty good idea since you know, rocks.




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