Everyone has that one friend… you know, the one whose Instagram feed is filled with lust-worthy photos from their epic journeys and who always seems to be on (or planning for) some grand adventure. This is the gift guide for *that* friend. Shopping for the offbeat traveler isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of gifts, both big and small, that will make any adventure that much more special.


Paladone Box 51 Chalkboard Globe

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This chalkboard globe is a fun take on the scratch-off map. You can decorate it, write little notes, shade in countries crossed off your bucket list, and highlight places you want to visit next. It’s the perfect desk accessory for anyone who likes to spend their workdays dreaming about exploring, or who wants to show off how well-traveled they are!


BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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Everyone needs a go-to travel pillow. Whether it’s a long flight or a car ride, a comfy neck pillow can make or break the trip. These BCOZZY travel pillows are super adjustable and let you get in the perfect sleeping position while providing plenty of support. Plus, they come in some funky patterns that are a little more exciting than the usual neutral shades.


Explore Outfitters PRO Nylon Double Hammock

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If your pal is a backpacker or camper, then they need a camping hammock. They’re more portable and easier to set up than a traditional tent, plus the hammock is comfier than the cold, hard ground. And, you’re elevated away from rocks and creepy-crawlies down below! This one comes in some fun colors… and in camo, for hiding out.


Herschel Supply Co. City Mid-Volume Backpack

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Luggage is a great way to add some personality and flair to your travel gear. This backpack is sturdy, comfy, and fits plenty of stuff– it’s big enough to serve as an overnight bag, as a carry-on, or for camping essentials. You can securely stow your laptop and other valuables in it, and it looks dang good. Plus, more unique patterns! We’re partial to the parrots, ourselves.


National Parks Travel Quest Poster

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If you know someone with a National Parks bucket list, then this map is the perfect gift. It’s got all of the parks marked, with stickers for spots you’ve visited and places you plan to see. The border is comprised of stamp art for each park, which is totally old-school cool. It’s also a great reminder that there are kind of a lot of National Parks (59!), and each is totally different and worth visiting in their own right.



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This nifty little travel scarf solves a few problems. Not only is it super warm and cozy, it also has a hidden pocket that fits a phone, a passport, keys, cards, cash and more. It keeps your valuables safe and close at hand. Plus, it’s totally cute– you could wear it without even using the pocket.


This is San Francisco [A Children’s Classic]

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If your favorite offbeat adventurer has kids, or is a kid, then these classic children’s books are perfect. The series of picture books from illustrator Miroslav Sasek highlights what makes San Francisco (or anywhere, there are dozens of books on various destinations) so unique. First published in the 1960s, the books have a totally enchanting style and would look great prominently displayed on any bookshelf.

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