Techy people are often the hardest to shop for; you don’t want to get them something they already have… or worse, something outdated. Tech gifts for travelers don’t have to be expensive or stressful to shop for. Here are some new inventions that are making travel a lot easier and more convenient!

Altec Lansing Mini LifeJacket 3

The days of sitting at a campfire while someone plucks away at a guitar are over thanks to the Altec Lansing. This mini speaker is ultra-portable, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and has a killer battery life. Toss it in your backpack and set the perfect soundtrack to your beach or camping adventure.


Altec Mini Lifejacket 3

Kindle Oasis 

Traveling is the perfect time to catch up on all the reading you’ve been meaning to do… but no one wants to sacrifice valuable luggage room for a library of books. That’s where the Kindle Oasis comes in! Whether you prefer magazines, comics, newspapers, audiobooks, or the latest New York Times best-seller, the Oasis can handle it. It’s got a large, high-res display while still being incredibly light, and other added features include improved battery life, more storage, and… it’s waterproof! It’s a great upgrade from your favorite bookworm’s current e-reader.


Kindle Oasis

DJI Spark Mini Drone

Drones have consistently been pretty hot gift items, and even though some might seem gimmicky, they can actually be pretty sweet. If you’ve got a friend looking to dabble in drone photography, the DJI Spark is a great place to start. The mini drone has a high-performance camera in it with mechanical gimbal stabilization for crisp, clear photos and video. It’s also got intelligent flight modes and quick shot video, making it basically foolproof for getting the perfect shot. It packs a ton of power in the palm of your hand! Plus, the tiny size takes up less room in your luggage.

DJI Spark

Google Daydream View VR Headset

This is for the friend who doesn’t travel as much as they should (and who owns a Daydream-compatible phone)! This is Google’s newest VR headset, which gives the viewer front-row, 360-degree access to concerts, sports games, wild places and crazy experiences. There are loads of apps and games on Daydream, and this comfy, lightweight headset makes taking full advantage of this fun new feature easy as pie!

Google Daydream View

Mophie Wireless Charge Force Powerstation

If your super-techy pal already has the GS8, Note 8, or iPhone 8/X then it’s probably got Qi. Qi enables these phones to be charged wirelessly… yeah, welcome to the future! This Mophie Powerstation is the perfect gift for that friend. This black box can charge those phones without the hassle of fussing with a cable. Plus, even if its connected to a power source itself, it’s got pass-through technology that charges a phone before charging the Powerstation. Every adventurer should have one on hand for emergencies!

Mophie charge force powerstation

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Miss the days of film? Want to frame a few of your favorite travel pics? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is the perfect companion. It takes the best part of a Polaroid (instant gratification!) and updates the camera to look cute and work like a charm! 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

BONUS: Prynt Pocket for iPhone

For those who like to do a little editing on their pictures before printing, or who don’t want to commit to putting a picture to film instantly, check out the Prynt Pocket for iPhone. It uses zero ink printer paper (that also turns your photos into stickers) so you don’t have to worry about refills of cartridges. And, the size is super portable.

Prynt Pocket for iPhone

MeFoto Backpacker Air Travel Tripod

If your techy pal is super into photography, they’ll love this travel tripod. It’s adjustable and folds all the way up to make it perfectly portable (it’s great for backpackers or those who like to travel light). It’s also stable, secure, and pans smoothly, so it definitely doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience. It’s the best of both worlds!

MeFoto Backpacker Air Travel Tripod

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