Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pay a load of money to experience glamping for yourself. Any campground can turn into a “glampsite”… you can even set up in your own backyard, if you want! Glamping is all about the details and making sure that the experience is kind of effortless. If you’ve got someone in your life who would sleep under the stars if it was more luxurious, or if you just want to treat your favorite camper to some goodies for their next outdoor adventure, anyone can benefit from making their campsite a little more glamorous.

Dream House Luxury Bell Tent

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The tent is one of the easiest things you can change up to make your campsite feel like a glampsite. Sturdy bell tents are popular with glampers, and size definitely matters here. If you want to go all in, you should be able to fit a bed in here, and maybe a bit of furniture if you need, too. Even if you get the smaller sizes, this tent has some great features, like windows, a nice height, a stove hole, and mosquito nets.


Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair

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How can you properly relax while camping if you don’t have a comfy place to sit? Forget sitting on wobbly, lumpy logs or dirty picnic tables and give this hammock chair a whirl. It’s supremely comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and it looks super cute. It even comes in different colors! Imagine relaxing in this with a cup of coffee while watching the sun come up, or chilling out here after a long hike.


Chuzzle Ball Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights 

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Glamping is all about the details, and the details don’t have to be expensive or a pain to sort out! Something as simple as hanging up strings of lights can make a huge difference in campsite aesthetics. String lights can come in all different designs, like these “chuzzle ball” lights, which also happen to be solar powered. They’re weather-proof and the glow lasts for 8 hours.


Lightspeed Outdoors Plush FlexForm Self-Inflating Camp Pad

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The main thing that makes glamping so much more appealing than camping? Comfort. Ensuring that the sleeping arrangements guarantee a good night’s sleep can go a looong way. If you’re not literally setting up a frame and mattress, we suggest something like this super plush, self-inflating sleeping pad. Add in some patterned throw pillows and a furry blanket and you’ve got a great night’s sleep.


Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower 

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The only thing worse than a rough night’s sleep on the hard ground is waking up to shower in a cold, dirty public bathroom. But, there’s an easy solution to the problem! Meet the portable outdoor shower. It sets up in a snap, and it has a mesh shower rack inside, no-peep windows that let in light, a towel bar outside, and, of course, the camping shower comes with it. It’s a lot more private and convenient than hoofing it to the public restroom!


Smalls Gourmet Marshmallows Happy Hour Trio

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Even the tiniest little detail can take your camping experience from average to special. Take your campfire s’mores to the next level with gourmet marshmallows. We especially love this “happy hour” themed set of fancy ‘mallows. The margarita flavor would go great with white chocolate, the Guinness marshmallow would take a plain or Reese’s Cup s’more over the top, and the whiskey marshmallow might be great on a caramel-chocolate s’more.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

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Okay, so you’ve got the bell tent, the portable shower, and a comfy bed situation already figured out. What’s next? The inflatable hot tub, that’s what! The Coleman Lay Z Spa is pretty simple to set up and is easy to use, which means you and your 5 camping buddies aren’t too far away from a perfect, relaxing soak in the warm, bubble-jetted water of the hot tub. Seriously, whoever invented this is a genius!


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