As a kid, we all read a book or watched a movie about getting locked overnight in a museum. Probably after a field trip. It always turned out to be a fun adventure instead of utterly terrifying. The American Museum of Natural History‘s adults-only sleepovers are just like that. But, instead of artifacts coming to life, you get to drink booze and have free run of the whole museum. Not a bad way to spend an evening, right?

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The experience is memorable. A buffet dinner, snacks, special presentations, flashlight scavenger hunts, live animal exhibitions, music, special presentations, and more make the overnight even cooler than your average trip to the museum.

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The overnight adventure will begin with a champagne reception and music provided by the 12th Night Jazz Trio in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall.  Explorers can expect to roam through the nearly empty halls of the Museum, where they might run into a herd of elephants in the Akeley Hall of African Mammals or come face to face with looming dinosaur skeletons, including a 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But, the coolest thing about The American Museum of Natural History’s adults-only sleepovers? You get to sleep right below their iconic 94-foot-long blue whale. Honestly, getting to do that alone is priceless. Waking up staring at the belly of a massive whale sounds insane. And don’t worry, there’s no way it’ll fall down; the model’s iron frame is solidly hooked into the ceiling.

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So, you want to go to the American Museum of Natural History’s adults-only sleepovers?

via Facebook/American Museum of Natural History

Naturally, the price of all of this ain’t cheap, but it’s well worth it. Tickets are $350 a person (food is included in that), and the museum hosts them on occasion. The next one on the schedule is on February 16th of 2018. Check back for updated schedules, though! They ask that you bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, along with jammies and a toothbrush. The museum provides cots for you, so you don’t need to worry about lugging in an air mattress. Totally worth every penny.

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