Mickey’s Toontown is one of my favorite places to visit in Disneyland. It’s completely jam-packed with special things to see and do, for young and old alike. However, Mickey’s Toontown is one of the most overlooked spots. It’s geared more towards younger kids, with only a few small rides and not much else, but the buildings and homes serve as a fun playground for children to explore. For adults, it’s a cute little area to take a more relaxing stroll and snap some pretty great pictures. One of the most adorable spots in all of Toontown? Minnie’s House.

Minnie’s House is every bit as girly and sweet as you’d expect. Pink and purple abound, and you can explore to your heart’s content. Open her Cheesemore-brand fridge to see what Minnie is going to have for dinner, adjust your bow in her vanity mirror, and enjoy tea in her backyard patio. The place is loaded with quaint little details that make it super fun. It’s also the best place to meet Minnie; there’s a sign outside her house that tells you when she’ll be around for hugs and photos. And if you’re there in the spring, you’ll be treated to an explosion of pink flowers blooming.

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The rest of Mickey’s Toontown is pretty neat, too. It was actually opened as a Who Framed Roger Rabbit tie-in with a Mickey Mouse spin (hence the name “Toontown”.) If you’re less of a girly girl, there’s Mickey’s House, Chip & Dale’s Treehouse, Donald’s Boat, Goofy’s Playhouse, and more. They’re all just as detailed and fun to poke around as Minnie’s House, but none are as sweet!

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Mickey’s Toontown can be easy to miss unless you’re actively looking for it. You can find it at the very back of Disneyland, past Fantasyland and is located just under the train tracks to the left side of It’s A Small World. As you enter Toontown, you’ll dip below the tracks and then rise up into an entirely new Land, complete with cartoon hills in the distance, Hollywood themed Toontown sign and off-kilter buildings.

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  1. Used to be at Disney World also until it was torn down to make room for expansion that included Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Beauty and the Beast attractions.

  2. I AGREE ! we simply LOVE Toontown when we visit Disneyland. We are East Coasters so WDW is our GO TO place and wished they would have Toontown return but expand it as in Disneyland. When Toontown was as WDW if I remember correctly, was not like that in Disneyland and only had Mickey’s and Minnie’s and Goofy’s Barnstorm ride Roller Coaster. I LOVED it so much that I have collected the complete ceramic Toontown set which is NO LONGER produced, it took a couple of years to do so and quite collectable.


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