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Starting this month, road tripping in Oregon is about to look a little different. The state, which once legally mandated that all gas be pumped by an attendant, is now letting people fill up their own tanks. Commence statewide freakout.

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The law, which technically gives gas stations in rural counties (less than half of Oregon’s 36 counties) the option to allow customers to pump their own gas, is turning out to be a lot more controversial than it should be. Especially considering that 48/50 states in America have self-serve gas stations. (New Jersey, should there ever come a time when you have to pump your own gas, please know that it will be okay.)


However, this hasn’t stopped a lot of people from being really, really annoyed about the change. The more… colorful reactions to a local news Facebook post about the change are going viral. Obviously, this doesn’t represent the majority or Oregonians (at least I hope), but their excuses are amusing nonetheless.

Look, we get it. Change can be a pain in the butt. Sure, there were legitimate reasons why it was illegal to pump your own gas, and it’s nice to have someone fill your tank for you when it’s cold or rainy. But it’s not the worst thing ever, and it’s not a difficult skill to learn. If you honestly do have any questions about any aspect of pumping your own gas (we won’t judge you) Lifehacker has written a nice little guide to help you out. And you definitely won’t die doing it. We promise.

Oregon, we really do love you.

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