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A trip to The Magic Kingdom is supposed to be a carefree time, but the new Star Wars Land at Disney World that they’re in the process of constructing might actually give you a few things to think about when you (finally) get to visit. That’s because the incredibly ambitious plans for the park involve a completely interactive feature that’s never really been attempted before at this scale. As the Imagineers put it, your decisions while interacting with the park will result in various consequences, and, thusly, totally different experiences. If all of this works out as planned, a visit to the park will be incredibly immersive.

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If you ride the attraction that pits the First Order vs. the Resistance, the side you pick will have ramifications throughout the park. Fly the Millennium Falcon in another ride and, depending on how well you do, maybe a Bounty Hunter will start hunting you. You may be asked to do tasks for one side or the other in a bar and, whether you choose to do it or not, could affect your park experiences.

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The people working on the new Star Wars Land at Disney World have been pretty sparing with details so far, but what we do know is pretty intriguing. They want to mesh aspects of Star Wars that we all know and love (characters, icons like the Millennium Falcon, places like the Cantina) with a story and experience that’s totally new, further developing and expanding the already massive universe.

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What they were willing to say is that these lands will be based on a brand new planet created just for these locations. It’s a remote outpost somewhere on the edge of wild space that was once very popular. However, after the development of hyperdrive, it became much less busy. That anonymity made it a destination for people who didn’t want to be found. It’s a place with a deep Star Wars history, we just haven’t learned about it yet.

But, I mean, it’s Disney working on this. They’ve got loads of experience in creating immersive worlds and experiences. If you’re interested in listening to a half-hour long panel all about the forthcoming park, check it out below. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a long couple years of speculating until it opens in 2019.

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Are you looking forward to the new Star Wars Land at Disney World? Which attraction are you the most excited about? Leave your comment below.



  1. looks sick, you should do scenes where people that just sitting and eating then argument starts across the room and a light sabre fight breaks out, keep people suprised


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