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A city’s personality can influence tons of things: the food, the architecture, its arts scene… but most of all, it makes an impression on a city’s music. From the funky jazz of New Orleans and the bluesy soul of Memphis to the punky grunge of Seattle and the indie country of Nashville, you can literally hear a city’s personality come to life right before your very ears.

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Visit the USA, a popular tourism site for America, recently launched a super thorough campaign highlighting America’s incredible musical heritage. Included are nearly two-dozen playlists that give a great background on the past, present and future of the music scenes in some of America’s coolest cities. Popular destinations like NYC, New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, Atlanta and Nashville make appearances alongside unexpected gems like Sioux Falls, Providence, Cheyenne, and even San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Each playlist perfectly curates each side and facet of every city’s personality, while highlighting local artists. They’ve also organized iconic locations fans of various genres can visit. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Graceland, the Motown Museum and more are featured, alongside various venues (big and small) and festivals. So whether you’re taking a special trip to see a show, or you just want to add some music to a vacation you’re planning, there are tons of ways to experience the sounds of these cities!

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