via Under Canvas Mount Rushmore

We’ve always held that South Dakota is a criminally underrated road trip destination. Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Deadwood, Custer State Park… it’s got a lot going on. And, the state is about to get even more worth a visit, with the announcement that luxury glamping brand Under Canvas will be opening an outpost in Keystone, right down the road from Mount Rushmore. In fact, the site will be located at the edge of a former gold rush town and feature killer views of the monument.

via Under Canvas Mount Rushmore
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Like other Under Canvas locations (which mostly are focused near National Parks like Under Canvas Yellowstone, Under Canvas Zion, Under Canvas Glacier, etc.) the glampground will feature accommodation in swanky safari tents. You’ll get to crash on a comfy bed and enjoy a wood burning stove when the nights get cool. Deluxe and Suite tent options come with ensuite bathrooms, while those in the cheaper standard safari tents can make use of their lovely communal bathhouse. They’ll also feature a “stargazer” tent, which has a viewing window right above the bed so guests can enjoy sweeping views of the night sky.

via Under Canvas Mount Rushmore
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Besides comfort and Instagram good looks, Under Canvas Mount Rushmore can also handle your dining needs. With the chance to grab coffee and breakfast, to-go lunch options, or dinner (served around the campfire each evening), they take care of the pain of meal planning, too. And, you can be sure their menu will offer much more than hot dogs heated over a fire! Another added bonus of staying here is that they’re super helpful when it comes to planning itineraries. They’ve got the hookup for tons of classic South Dakota activities like panning for gold, going offroad on a Jeep safari in search of bison, chuckwagon cookouts, horseback riding, and much more. Whew!

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Under Canvas Mount Rushmore might not be open yet, but it’s bound to book up quickly once it does. Check out their website, and call or email them to reserve a tent for your Black Hills adventure!

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