No, seriously. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign you can now order your own hot tub hammock. Yup, the HYDRO HAMMOCK is real and it is glorious! What the heck is a hydro hammock, you may ask. Well, it’s pretty much the most amazing thing since sliced bread…and waterproof masacara. Basically, it’s a hammock that doubles as a pool and/or hot tub! I know that may be confusing for some people, so in layman’s terms…you take the comfort and relaxation of a hammock and you pump a crap ton of water into it. ET VOILA! I have seen the future! And it is the hydro hammock! Tesla would be so proud…

The Hydro Hammock is pretty versatile. It can be used as a hammock, hammock hot tub, as hot tub liner, as a hammock water bed, and as a swimming pool. There’s a water heater system that heats water from a garden hose, or you can get your water directly pumped in from a nearby lake or stream. I think I’m in love.


“It’s a private paradise… and with room to share! How cool is that. There’s really nothing like this anywhere… and you can put it almost anywhere you want it. Its removable so you can take it with you and can be put where pools can’t go. I’m in love, it’s where I hang on Sundays.”  – Chef Tracy Fleming


“The hydro- hammock literally has changed my life. When surfing here in Northern Cali even with a full wetsuit, hoodie and booties the cold water hurts. I am now able to run out, jump into my Hydro Hammock to get my core heat back and surf more. It’s portable and easy to bring to the beach, set up in the snow, or just hang it between two trees or my porch railing. The Chocolate Fondue alone makes my friends speechless. Another brilliant point, no chlorine. I like soaking in salt water throw in the essential oils for a healing rejuvenating mineral soak. Now we’re talking!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to think as if I have my own little portable hot spring. This product is off the chain!!!!!!!!!!!” -Michele Upham

H/T Gizmodo



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