There’s something incredibly dreamy about beautiful buildings submerged in water. Venice, Italy is an entire city that’s partially underwater and it’s GORGEOUS! Lake Reschen is one such place that you can visit and let your imagination run wild. This man-made lake is located in South Tyrol, Italy and underneath it’s calm waters rests an entire submerged city! But, it’s biggest claim to fame is the legendary Lake Reschen Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower

Just a mile from the border with Austria and Switzerland, this is the largest lake over 1,000m in the Alps. Its most prominent feature is the steeple bell tower of a 14th century church that’s nearly completely submerged. You can boat out to the tower in warm weather, and when winter comes and the lake freezes you can actually walk out to the steeple. According to local legend, many believe the bells ring out in the dead of winter. Which is weird, because the bells were actually removed in 1950 a week before the lake flooded the town. However, there was some controversy when an energy company decided to flood the area, many townsfolk didn’t want to lose their homes. It’s believed that the church lays a silent watch over the town.

Over 163 homes and1,290 acres of land remain submerged under the artificial lake.

BONUS: The Rainbow Lake and the Mermaid

Located in the Trentino Alto Adige region, this mountainous area of Italy is known for its beautiful natural features. There are nearly 300 bodies of water all set amidst mountain valleys, each with its own legendary folktales. For instance, Lake Carezza is believed to be home to a mermaid. All was good in Mermaidville until a wizard fell in love with her… He sought the advice of a witch to help him win the mermaid’s heart. The witch told the wizard to disguise himself and create a rainbow of jewels to woo the mermaid. The wizard did this but forgot to disguise himself and upon seeing the wizard the mermaid retreated under the water, never surfacing again. Angry, the wizard destroyed his rainbow and threw the jewels on the lake, and to this day the multi-colored lake is known as “Rainbow Lake”. Read More about the Trentino Alto Adige Lakes here.

Featured Image via CC: Reschensee with Graun Church tower and boat.jpg

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  1. There’s also a submerged town under a man made lake in Lake Lure, North Carolina. I think the town was called Buffalo, and the story of how it got there is pretty interesting.


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