We’ve all been there…hot, sweaty, bug-bitten, sleep-deprived, achy muscles, all willing sacrifices in the name of “CAMPING”. And to be honest, it’s not just the cramped tents that cramp our camping style. Let’s face it, we’re not all lucky enough to always have a comfortable picnic table at our campsites either. Well, this crazy little contraption, which I happened to stumble upon in my search for a portable picnic table earlier today absolutely caught my eye…

It’s basically a Transformer…for picnics! The rolling cooler has sides that unfold to make a table and it even comes with chairs!

It’s not even just for camping, you could take this baby anywhere! The beach, tailgating, the lake, or even set it up at a rest area along the highway when you’re on a long road trip. Heck, I’d even set one up in my backyard, if I had a backyard.

Plus, it’s not that expensive, and it’s pretty versatile and compact, it’ll just fit nicely into the backseat or the trunk of your car.

Snag yours here!

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