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Whether it’s a strange oddity on the side of the road or a crazy, wild trip that we’ve never even dreamed could be possible, we want to know all about it… and these pictures of glacier kayaking that started surfacing a few weeks ago definitely fall into the latter category of crazy things we can’t help but be intrigued by.

The photos are the result of a very well-orchestrated effort between Oru Kayaks (which fold up into a little backpack, pretty neat), Compass Heli Tours, travel photographer Taylor Burke and adventure tour guide Hayley Gendron. Gendron writes,

Some friends and I recently had the chance to take the ‘box outside the box’ and deep into the frozen backcountry in the southern Garibaldi Ranges of British Columbia. When spring changes to summer in the coast mountain alpine, there is a very short window of time when the frozen glacier lakes begin to thaw, but only on the surface, and only around the perimeter. The result is a network of vibrant turquoise rivers and pools far too dreamlike to be real.

But they are, and they make the perfect racetrack for kayaks.

The catch: transporting kayaks to such remote places isn’t easy—near impossible, really. Unless there’s a helicopter, and unless you have an Oru.

What she describes sounds, in a word, unreal. Snow-covered mountains in the undisclosed location give way to electric blue streams of slush… and with the almost-summer sun reflecting off the mountains, they had strangely pleasant weather. Is it likely that most people will get to cross this off their bucket list? Probably not. But is it a fantasy worth dreaming about? Definitely.

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If you’re totally and completely in love with the idea of glacier kayaking, then you can take a guided tour around a place like Glacier Bay National Park. I promise, with the right camera and some passable photo editing skills, your pictures can be just as Instagram-worthy.



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