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Part of being on a road trip is about rolling with the punches. For Jordan Kahana, one of those punches wound up being completely life-changing. What started as a solo road trip turned into a trio when he says he drove past two adorable, abandoned, 8-week-old pupperinos on a trip from LA to the Grand Canyon.

Kahana brought the dogs to the vet, and eventually made the decision to adopt them. He christened them Zeus and Sedona (he was near Sedona when he found the dogs), and decided to travel with them full time.

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He quit his job and loaded the Adventure Squad into his van, and they’ve been on the road ever since. The Squad has been all over the country, from New York City and Hollywood to Vegas and Arkansas to Missouri and New Orleans, and (of course) to countless National Parks… and pretty much everywhere in between.

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They run a Youtube channel and popular Instagram account where they chronicle their journeys back and forth across the country. It’s pretty great to see that owning a dog doesn’t mean sacrificing travel as a hobby; not only does Jordan take his pups everywhere, he’s still able to go on epic hikes and visit the awesome attractions every city offers. Plus, he gets the benefit of having those adorable furballs around all the time!

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