If there’s one thing that sloths are good at, it’s sleeping… so why not have a sleepover with one? Rainier, Oregon’s Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center has a Sloth Sanctuary Center that’s offering the chance to do just that!

You’ll arrive at 8 p.m. (when the sloths are at their most active… “active” being a relative term, of course) and meet your roommates for the evening. You can feed and pet them, and you should feel free to ask any questions to the designated staff member who will be around the whole time. When bedtime rolls around, you’ll drift off to sleep in a tented cot inside the sanctuary… right alongside the (likely also sleeping) sloths.

Before you leave the next morning, you might even get to meet another resident of the Center… and, of course, you’ll get to take home an exclusive “I Slept With A Sloth” t-shirt. If you don’t have all night to spend hanging around, the Center also offers 40-minute educational sloth encounters as well.

The Center is super dedicated to the animals they care for, so not only does a visit here get you tons of info on these unique animals AND some epic selfies, you’re also helping support them as they do great things for the animals. Aww!



  1. Roadtrippers, please don’t support absurd animal tourism like this. If this place were truly a sanctuary for sloths, they would not be allowing human interaction with them.

    Put yourself in the sloths’ place. How would you like it if we put you on display and then made you sleep with a random person? Imagine the advertisement: “For only $1200, you can sleep in a tent with this human!” Sounds crazy, right?

  2. Wow.. I thought this was the cutest thing until reading these comments. This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy some of the most adorable and lazy animals on the planet haha. But at what cost..? I do wonder though. Is it a cruel evironment.. they are probably showered with love from guests.. so ultimately, would the sloths be happier here or in the wild? The steep price tag suggests that they get treated quite well. We’re not talking about an abusive circus act.

  3. Im sure avoiding predators and worrying about food is less stressful. As you said, we dont know, what we do know is theyre living without the stress of predators, mosquitos, harsh weather, going hungry and someone cleaning their crap. I dont know about you but entertaining little humans seem a fair deal.


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