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America’s most popular dinner theater show, Medieval Times, is now officially ahead of its time (and the Presidency of the United States, even) by putting a queen at the head of the kingdom. Long live Queen Dona Maria Isabella!

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In the past, King Carlos had been the royal in charge of the show, with a Princess Catalina by his side. Starting in October, though, the chain of dinner theaters started rolling out a new script, in which a new ruler, Queen Isabella, hosts her first tournament since inheriting the throne. Don’t worry, King Carlos simply died peacefully in his sleep after a long, productive reign.

via Facebook/Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Chicago

It’s a pretty major change for Medieval Times. Previously, Princess Catalina had to defer to her father, the King, when a lord came courting. Queen Isabella, on the other hand, has more of a Daenerys Targaryen thing going on. The Dallas location was the first to debut the Queen, and Chicago and Lyndhurst, NJ have followed suit. Since the previous script’s Princess role was so scaled back, locations are working to train the Princess actresses (sorry, the Queens) to ride the Andalusian horses used in the show.

via Facebook/Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Chicago
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Other than the new Queen, the experience of visiting Medieval Times is still basically the same. You’ll bask in the pageantry and thrills of the tournaments of a royal court from centuries ago, complete with jousting, sword fighting, falconry, and (most importantly) turkey legs and flagons of ale served by wenches and serfs. Hear, hear to that!

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