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A long time ago in a galaxy… not so far away…. the Darkside Bar was conceived out of a love for the bad guys of the Star Wars universe. Soon, these pop-ups will be taking over three cities with brooding, Galactic Empire-themed vibes. Jedi (the plural of “Jedi” is “Jedi”, right?) presumably, are not invited.


Since the Darkside Bars (there will be three, in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.) are the brainchild of the people behind LA and New York Tim Burton-themed Beetle House restaurants, you know it’s gonna be good. They have solid experience with dark aesthetic and movie homages. Naturally, the color scheme of these particular bars will be Darth Vader-inspired: black and red.

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The cocktails are elaborate and are just as much a show as they are a drink. Think, smoke, blue flames, and weird colors. Equally strange food will be available as well; tentacles and bantha fodder are on the menu. And nightly events (like alien speed dating, intergalactic burlesque, trivia, themed dance parties and “games of chance” oh God) will hopefully keep patrons coming back.

The pop-ups will be coming November 15th and will run until mid-January. Tickets can be purchased (in sets of two) in advance for specific time slots, and though they cost $33, they come with two drink tickets. Walk-ins will pay $40 if they can get a spot. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty good system for handling what will likely be large crowds. If you really want to get into the spirit, they encourage costumes.

Here’s to hoping it features a cantina band at some point!

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