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There are few things as exciting as doing some good, old-fashioned exploring. Will you stumble on long-lost treasure? Ancient antiquities? Fame and glory? Who knows! A few adventurous souls exploring the Saint Leonard Caverns in Canada stumbled across a previously unknown passage, proving that, even in this day and age, there’s still plenty left to discover.

The caves themselves aren’t a recent discovery; people haveĀ been spelunking in the Saint Leonard Caverns since the early 19th century. But, a new passage was just discovered that leads to a previously unexplored cavern, a mere 30 feet below a residential neighborhood in Montreal. Pretty crazy that it was right below a major city, but no know knew that it existed.

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Of course, there’s a reason it wasn’t explored until now. The guys who journeyed into the passage had to bring down inflatable rafts and paddle through water that was 15 feet deep to reach the new caverns… all in super humid, chilly conditions.

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Even though there’s no hidden treasure inside the cave (AS FAR AS WE KNOW), the cave itself is a pretty special discovery. Geologists theorize that the new room is a 15,000-year-old remnant from the Ice Age. Also, it’s loaded with gorgeous stalactites, which city officials are already looking into preserving. They also hope to be able to open the cavern to the public. In the meantime, though, you can set up a tour of the whole cave system with the Quebec Caving Society. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a discovery of your own. Preferably of gold ingots, or something of similar monetary value.

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