Disneyland's new brewery
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Disneyland has always billed itself as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. But, if your idea of a fairytale day involves copious amounts of craft beer, then you’ve been out of luck. Until now, that is. So, for everyone who has wished upon a star for a brewpub at Disney, the recent announcement of Disneyland’s new brewery is a dream come true!

via Facebook/Ballast Point Brewing Company
via Facebook/Ballast Point Brewing Company

You can get alcohol at either Dizzyland (sorry, Disneyland) and Disney World but Disneyland keeps it strictly regulated to certain spots outside the park proper. Disneyland’s new brewery is going into Downtown Disney, an area of the park that does allow adult beverages to be served.

via Facebook/Ballast Point Brewing Company

Ballast Point is a logical choice to bring craft beer to Disneyland. The two founders met and started homebrewing in their college dorm at UCLA. Therefore, it’s a local brewery. The first location opened in 1996, and they’ve been at the forefront of the craft beer scene ever since. Finally, they brew just about everything, from their habanero-or-fruit-spiked Sculpin IPAs and barrel-aged Victory at Sea to easy drinkers like Even Keel Session IPA and their Longfin Lager.

What we know about Disneyland’s new brewery

We do know that the Ballast Point Tasting Room & Kitchen will have a three-barrel R&D brewery, along with a restaurant and beer garden. They plan to serve Ballast Point standards and make a few Disney-exclusive brews as well. We’re not sure what kind of beer Ballast Point will be brewing for Disneyland, but it seems like a great opportunity for some awesome beer names. Here are a few guesses as to what these beers could be named.


Snow Weiss

Porter Pan

Beauty and the Yeast

Brother Beer (anyone else remember this movie?)


Little Mer-mead

Sleeping Bubbly


Jungle Bock

Buzz Altbier (or maybe Buzzed Light Beer?)



Ale-ice in Wonderland

Duck Ales

High School Music-ale

Okay, the “ale” thing opened up a lot of doors and I couldn’t choose just one. Someone stop me.

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