disney shades of green
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Alright, Disney conspiracy theorists, we’ve got another doozy for you. And, it’s almost as compelling as Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen body being kept in a vault below the Matterhorn Bobsleds (or wherever his icy crypt supposedly is.) It involves a resort, namely, the Shades of Green resort. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Neither had we… until we read about it. And then we saw that it was owned by none other than the US Department of Defense. Hmm… curious. Very curious.

disney shades of green
via Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so maybe it’s not that juicy, but it’s still pretty cool. Shades of Green is an exclusive resort, but it’s less conspiratorial than it seems. It’s right near Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Polynesian Village, and the Grand Floridian. And by “exclusive”, we mean that it’s only open to members of the military and their families. It’s a thank you of sorts to the troops and their loved ones.

disney shades of green
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It features hunting lodge-inspired decor (with lots of green accents) and has all of the classic Disney amenities; a clubhouse, heated pools and water slides, tennis courts, a poolside sports bar, video arcade, fitness facility, spa (offering makeovers for would-be princesses and pirates), fine and family dining, wedding facilities and indoor parking. Think, clubhouse, heated pools and water slides, tennis courts, a poolside sports bar, video arcade, fitness facility, spa, various restaurants, the works. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Saving green at Shades of Green

The rooms here, which are available to military personnel of all ranks, are a lot cheaper than rooms in other Disney resorts. This is because it’s owned by the Department of Defense and not Disney. But, prices ultimately depend on the guest’s military ranking. The gift shop at the resort has discounts on souvenirs and such as well. This is an especially great bonus for anyone visiting with kids. A free shuttle into the park in addition to cheap daily parking add to the allure of staying here. And, discounted meals and room deals further sweeten the pot.

The resort is financially self-sustaining, which means no outside funds go to its operation and upkeep. Shades of Green is popular enough that it has required several renovations to expand. Right now, it has 583 guest rooms, and will soon undergo another expansion. The rooms right now sleep five people and come with patios or balconies, which is the perfect size for a family. They want to start catering to retirees and new recruits as well.

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There’s also something to be said for the fact that guests are around other like-minded individuals who they have a lot in common with. Plus, the resort is very well equipped to handle the needs of Wounded Warriors. There’s no better place for a military member or military family to spend some relaxing quality time together than the Happiest Place on Earth, and Shades of Green makes that not just possible, but easy and convenient. Salute to that!

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