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Some people see Disney World as a magical place where you can soak up the joy of living out your dreams. It is the happiest place on Earth, after all. Others… well, they see Disney World as a challenge to be conquered. Blogger Kenny the Pirate and his daughter are prime examples of that second group of individuals. Their mission: ride every ride at Walt Disney World in one insanely epic day.

The task, which the Disney blog has dubbed the #WDW47 Challenge (named for the 47 rides across the 4 parks), is often attempted by Disneyphiles, but is rarely completed successfully. Kenny and his daughter Jordyn, armed with Fastpasses, their car, PB&J sandwiches, and Kenny’s app Character Locator (which includes detailed info on each ride along with touring plans for the best ways to meet characters and experience each park), managed to complete the #WDW47 Challenge and live to tell the tale in one epic 17-hour day.

The dauntless duo woke up at 5:30am and knocked off Disney’s most crowded rides (Avatar: Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey, two of the newest rides) before 8:30am. That is true dedication right there. Kenny the Pirate live-tweeted his whole experience and outlined the itinerary as well as some strategies on his blog. It’s a doable challenge, but one that requires planning, experience, strategy, and a familiarity with the park. It doesn’t feel like a half-bad way to make the most of one day of park admission, in theory.

At first thought, taking on such a stressful challenge might seem like it would make a trip to the park so demanding that it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Despite this, in every picture, Jordyn and Kenny the Pirate are grinning. Chalk it up to Disney magic that’s making something so high-pressure look like so much fun.

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