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Epcot’s World Showcase in Walt Disney World is a popular attraction, especially for people looking to drink and dine their way around the globe in one gluttonous day. The Disney space-themed restaurant promises an out-of-this-world dining experience. I’ve always felt that it’s a bit exclusionary, though… what about worlds other than Earth? Thankfully, Disney is rectifying this glaring oversight, with plans to add in a dining experience that’s set to be “outer space themed”. Hell yeah. The plans were unveiled at Disney’s D23 Expo, and while details are scant, here is what we know.

It’ll be in Epcot

It will be located next to Epcot’s “Mission:SPACE” shuttle simulator, and it’s a part of a larger plan to touch up Epcot in light of its 35th anniversary. According to Eater, this is the only ride in Disney that actually gives riders barf bags, which seems like a… questionable choice on their part, but maybe puking up astronaut ice cream is actually incredibly realistic.

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The food will probably not suck

Disney is entrusting a familiar friend with the task of making guests feel like they’re dining among the stars. Patina Restaurant Group operates most of Disneyland’s Downtown Disney eateries, along with beloved Disney World favorite Tutto Italia. They also run restaurants across New York and LA, so space is the next logical step for them.

It will let diners feel like they have “travel[ed] high above the earth”

And it will be a sit-down joint with tableside service, allowing you to really soak up whatever crazy decor I’m sure they’ll design.

And now for some wild speculation

Since details are scarce, here are a few gifs of what I imagine the experience might be like.








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