An ever-popular activity for kids at Disney World is a trip to the Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique, where young girls and boys can get made over into pretty princesses or gallant knights. Up until recently, only kids aged 3-12 were able to get a Disney-worthy makeover (seriously, it’s not fair that kids get to have all the fun)… but thankfully, adults can now get the royal treatment, too.

The eight Senses Spa locations across Disney’s resorts now offer “Character Couture” experiences. They started the service for “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” in 2017, and it was such a success that they’ve started offering it year round. It’s a great way to take your DisneyBound to the next level, or to just get pampered so you can look and feel like a princess (or Jedi warrior, or villain, or anthropomorphic critter, or what have you). It’s also great for making a trip to Disney that much more memorable. And, unlike the Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique, both kids and adults can take advantage of the experience, and it’s a bit more flexible (in case your kid wants to be made over into, say, Rey from Star Wars, or a Pixar character instead of a traditional princess.)

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The salon will work with clients to execute their vision for their look, be it understated or over-the-top glam. They’ll fix your hair, makeup, and even nails to make sure you look and feel amazing for your day at Disney. Just bring in pictures of the character whose look you want to emulate, and an idea of the services you want. And be sure to book in advance; now that word is out, you’ll want to call ahead at least two weeks or up to six months before. Costs can range from $50-$120, depending on your vision and what all you have done. It’s a small price to pay to feel like Disney royalty, right?


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