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There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned mystery spot to blow your mind. This kind of site is worthy of an investigation by Mulder and Scully – people change sizes, things fall uphill, and scales give unexpected readings. Is it magnets? Aliens? A hole in the fabric of space-time? Or is it all a trick of the mind? Find out at The Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City, SD. The strange phenomena are mysteries for the ages, but they can be experienced firsthand in South Dakota.

via Jim LaJeunesse/Cosmos Mystery Area

The year was 1952. Two college buddies set out for the Black Hills. The pair of men were hoping to find the perfect summer cabin, but what they discovered was a whole lot weirder. Old cabins that seemed to turn the laws of logic and physics completely upside down piqued their interest. They set to work experimenting and developing demonstrations for the next year. In 1953, they opened the Cosmos Mystery Area to the public. The area has been bending minds ever since.

via Jim LaJeunesse/Cosmos Mystery Area

In all honesty, the appeal of old-school mystery spots is the truly fascinating phenomenon. They’ve been a mainstay of roadside kitsch since the first places opened in the 1930s. Part of the appeal lies in the fact that, whether you buy into the tales of Native American lore or paranormal strangeness or you’re determined that it’s all an optical illusion, it’s still wild to experience. Many visitors experienced a mystery spot as a kid, but even when you’re an adult taking your own kids back, it’s exactly as strange and mind-bending as it was years ago. Some things will never change!

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What to expect at the Cosmos Mystery Area

The Cosmos Mystery Area offers guided, fully interactive 30-minute tours that show off some of the more confounding features of the cabins. There’s also a geode mine where you can dig up, crack open, and take home your own souvenir.



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