The Cocoon Tree Tent is truly a modernist nature-lover’s dream. It can float, hang or just sit on the ground (though when it’s hung it gently sways and when it floats it makes you feel like you’re in a softly-rocking womb).

Coconut Tree Tent

To top it off, the entire interior is one huge, comfy circular bed, that measures 10 feet.

Coconut Tree Tent interior

Some specs on this whimsical tent: The sphere is built with aluminum, clad in a resistant tarpaulin and weighs only 60kg!

This incredible cocoon tree tent will only set you back $14,000. Okay, that’s a bit too rich for my blood. But, I do have a birthday coming up (hint, hint)!

Coconut Tree Tent beach

So, harmonize with nature, commune with the trees, or just settle in for a night of sexy, spherical bliss.

Coconut Tree Tent

More Information:

Coconut Tree Tent beach

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