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In case you haven’t heard, Amazon is amazing. It’s also a sneaky trap for useless impulse buys. Do I really need a coffee mug that says “This might be wine”, or a pillow shaped like the poop emoji, or multiple sets of decorative salt and pepper shakers? Probably not, but Amazon makes it really easy to make bad purchasing decisions. It would almost assuredly be a really, really bad idea for me to possibly search for “tiny houses” on Amazon after a stressful day, a few beers, and some serious daydreaming about owning a vacation home in the mountains. Oops, too late… I just looked it up. You might actually be surprised how affordable and cute some of the tiny homes (and tiny home kits) are. Here are a few, sorted from cheapest to fanciest.


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Allwood Kit Cabin Lillevilla Escape

Size: 113 square feet 

Price: $4,390.00

This solid Nordic spruce wood cabin takes two adults about 6 hours to assemble– you’ll just need a few basic tools and a bit of patience. It’s pretty small, but the price tag befits the square footage.

via Amazon Pinecrest Log Cabin Kit

Size: 123 square feet 

Price: $5,450.00

This little cottage gets you a little more space, some nice, high ceilings, and quaint doors and windows, for a little more money. Again, it’s Nordic spruce… but note that the shingles for the roof aren’t included! One or two people can easily assemble this guy in a day or two.

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Allwood Kit Cabin Chloe

Size: 123 square feet 

Price: $5,490.00

Think about it. You’re potentially only nine hours (and some manual labor) away from this adorable little cabin. In addition to its dollhouse good looks, Chloe has windows on three sides and quaint, locking doors. This one, like all of these, can work in all climates, too.

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Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia

Size: 209 square feet (“Spacious but cozy”)

Price: $7,290.00

Okay, these are all pretty similar with small variations to size and design. You can build and add on to these, and Claudia makes a great base to start with. Plus, all of these are pretty easy to assemble; this particular model takes two adults a full day to put up.

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Allwood Garden House Kit Arlanda

Size: 180 square feet 

Price: $7,590.00

Not one who goes in for the whole “log cabin” thing? Fear not, there’s still a vacation home for you. This tony home, Arlanda, has a modern, urban design. It’s got space for all of your basics, and it’s not hard to wire in electricity and add plumbing. If you’re looking to have your vacation home in a city, this is a sleek option.

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BZBCabins Log Cabin Kit MoonCliff

Size: 164 square feet 

Price: $8,290.00

MoonCliff is somewhere between modern tiny home and classic log cabin. It would fit in with pretty much any setting. Plus, those double pane glass doors and windows offer some stellar views, wherever you put it.

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Allwood Sunray | 162 SQF Kit Cabin

Size: 162 square feet 

Price: $8,690.00

Sunray was designed to let in lots of light (duh), which is probably one of the reasons why it’s supposedly one of the more popular tiny homes. And, you can buy and add on a 48″ porch, which really takes it to the next level.

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Allwood Bella | 237 SQF Kit Cabin with 86 SQF Loft

Size: 244 square feet (including loft!)

Price: $17,800.00

Yep, this tiny home has a loft! It’s perfect for additional storage, or to use as a more separate sleeping area. And, the roof on this guy is great for solar panels. You’ll have to plan for about 16 hours of work if you and a friend want to assemble it yourselves.

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Allwood Ranger Kit Cabin | 259 SQF + 168 SQF Loft

Size: 259 square feet on the main floor, 168 square feet in the loft

Price: $19,990.00

As you can see, this is the first tiny home with a separate bathroom (complete with shower and toilet) and room for a kitchen. The loft is also incredibly spacious, and the thicker walls mean it’s ideal for a colder climate. If I was going to buy one of these tiny homes, this is the one I’d go with.

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Allwood Timberline | 483 SQF Kit Cabin

Size: 354 square feet downstairs and 129 square feet in the loft

Price: $34,900.00

This is one of this brand’s larger cabins, and they feel comfortable suggesting that people could use this as a primary residence. It’s got the private bathroom, and another separate room, in addition to the loft, which adds a ton of additional space. This one will take two adults about three full days to complete.

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Pre-fabricated Tiny Home

Size: 320 square feet 

Price: $36,000.00 (comes fully furnished with appliances and furniture)

If you’re looking for something with minimal work (seriously, you don’t even need to buy furniture or fixtures for this tiny home), this pre-fab converted shipping container is for you. It’s pretty decidedly a converted shipping container, so you’ll have to accept the aesthetic, but there’s no denying that this is incredibly convenient. They also make the electric and sewer hookups super easy… and it even comes with heat and AC.

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Allwood Eagle Point | 1108 SQF Kit Cabin

Size: 712 square feet downstairs and 396 square feet in the loft

Price: $46,900.00

Hard to believe you can buy THAT on Amazon. There’s a separate kitchen and a bathroom with a tub, in addition to a bedroom and the two rooms in the loft, which you can access by stairs, not just a ladder. In the blueprints, they spec out one room as a workout room, which is pretty swanky. Of course, they recommend that you have a professional crew assemble this one.

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Romtec 2028ES – The Birdwatcher- Prefabricated Cabin

Size: 200 square feet plus a 8’x5′ covered porch

Price: $50,999.00

Okay, now we’re getting into the pricey range, and even though this cabin is smaller, it’s prefabricated. Plus, who doesn’t love that classic log cabin vibe?

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Timber Frame Cabin Kit

Size: 725 square feet

Price: $59,321.00

This is like, the Cadillac of cabin kits for sale on Amazon. It’s way nicer than my apartment. Check out the exquisitely detailed porch. This cabin is definitely sure to impress any guests you invite over. The kit also does not include siding, roofing, windows/doors, or interior fixtures/finishes, though, so a lot of this is up to the buyer.

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