Sure, the idea of sleeping under the stars sounds romantic and charming, but it’s not exactly practical. Bugs, bad weather, other nearby campers, and more can make what was supposed to be a serene retreat into nature a rather unpleasant experience. If you want the experience of camping out but don’t really feel like roughing it in the unpredictable Great Outdoors, then book a stay at Attrap’Rêves, aka the “Bubble Hotel”. It combines the best parts of camping with a classy hotel experience to make for one of the ultimate vacation getaways.

There’s an Attrap’Rêves Hotel located in Allauch, France, and it contains seveal “themed” bubbles (think “zen”, “glam”, “nature” and “1001 Nights”) which come in two varieties: “totally see-through” and “mostly see-through”. Even if you do choose the entirely clear bubble, fear not– you’re still guaranteed complete privacy. Each bubble is accessed by a totally different path, so you won’t be anywhere near that just-married couple on their honeymoon. Also, don’t be freaked out by the fact that there’s only a bed in each bubble; there’s always a nearby bathroom for each “room”… and those aren’t encased in a clear plastic bubble.

You can make the most of your bubble by checking out the telescopes and star maps they offer, or get into full relaxation mode by visiting the hot tub or getting a massage. They also offer breakfast, which you can enjoy in your king-sized bed in the temperature-controlled comfort of your private bubble while taking in the full glory of Mother Nature at sunrise. I’d like to see a tent try and do that!

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