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Being “in the doghouse” has traditionally been a bad thing… but not anymore. Honestly, as long as we’re talking about BrewDog Brewing’s new Doghouse craft beer hotel, it’s actually desirable. It’s located right at their new brewery and taproom location in Columbus, Ohio, and the beer-lovin’ attention to detail is breathtaking.

The brand-spanking-new brewing facility and taproom will focus on crafting tongue-tickling sour beers and will also serve up some delicious food. It’s the first American facility for the Scottish brewers, who have made quite a splash. The best part, though, is the full, 32-room hotel. Once you’ve gotten good and sloshed off BrewDog beers, you need only stumble a few feet away to get to your room.

via BrewDog
via BrewDog

You actually might not even want to leave your room once you check in, though. If the thought of taking an elevator downstairs from your room to get a drink in the taproom is painful, there are beer taps right in the room. They’ve even got craft beer-inspired soaps. My favorite touch? The in-bathroom mini fridge stocked with shower beers. Just thinking about how a steaming hot shower makes a beer taste even colder and more delicious is making me feel things. I would probably just spend the whole night in the shower. There’s also a nice workout room on site which… if you’re like me, you’d be too drunk to find a moment to enjoy. But it’s nice to know that it’s there.

via BrewDog
via BrewDog

The brewery actually hosted a (very) successful Indiegogo campaign to help fund the massive project. Prizes included brewery tours, discounted nights in rooms, and even a soak in a hot tub filled with beer. Not sure how nice that would be, it honestly almost sounds like a bit of a waste. I’d rather drink beer than marinate in it. This is probably why on the hotel’s website, they have to specify that their showers use water and not beer. So, at least rest easy knowing they’re dedicated to making the experience as boozy as humanly possible.

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