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Spending the night on a glacier sounds like it might be a chilly experience on a barren, icy wasteland. Not most peoples’ idea of a relaxing getaway, right? Think again! Alaska’s Sheldon Mountain House & Chalet is turning one glacier into a dreamy, bucket-list-worthy destination.

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The Chalet is technically on a nunatak 6,000 feet above sea¬†level; the Sheldon Nunatuck, actually. It’s an exposed hill of¬†granite surrounded by the Ruth Glacier 10 short miles from the summit of Denali. Nothing but ice and snow as far as the eye can see. Despite the remote location, the Chalet still boasts “running water, electricity, generous heat, and world-class food”.

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When you’re not taking a helicopter tour of the Alaskan wilderness, or going on a guided hike of the glacier, or enjoying a world-class gourmet meal, feel free to stay cuddled up in a faux fur blanket taking in the spectacular views from your room. And then, once night falls, you can sit on the deck, glass of champagne in hand, and enjoy the unparalleled views of the Northern Lights. The high elevation, clear and clear air, and remote location provide some of the country’s best views of winter’s Aurora Borealis.

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The Chalet is close to the Don Sheldon Mountain House, built by one man who brought in all of the materials and constructed it himself in the 1960s. It was built right on the edge of an overlook and offers jaw-dropping views of snow-covered granite cliffs on three sides. To get there, you’ll need to plan a guided hike, but once you arrive, you can bask in the untouched beauty here, and even read the journals of visitors past.

via Facebook/Sheldon Mountain House and Chalet

Of course, getting to the Sheldon Nunatuk, and thus the Chalet and Mountain House, is not a walk in the park. You’ll have to charter a ski-equipped airplane to drop you off. But, since the Chalet only sleeps up to 10 visitors, you’re guaranteed a quiet trip that will feel totally special. Just you, a glass of bubbly, and that beautiful lady called Aurora Borealis.

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