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It seems like the message of every Christmas movie and story boils down to one thing: remembering that the season is actually about friends and family coming together, not presents and material things. It’s also probably why last year’s story of Montreal’s… how do I put this nicely? Montreal’s hideously deformed Christmas tree seemed to resonate with people. What was hyped way up and intended to be a holiday display rivaling Rockefeller Center’s fell totally flat for many. The tree was tall but skinny, lopsided, and sparsely decorated.

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But the ugly tree also found a ton of supporters who found its appearance charming. In fact, the tree wound up being popular enough that the city decided that they would make 2017’s tree ugly as well… and they’ve even made an entire Christmas village around the attraction. It’s called “Village du Vilain Sapin”, which means, of course, “Village¬†of the Ugly Tree”. It’s meant to celebrate the beauty of diversity and finding the allure of imperfection. Very Charlie Brown-ish, no?

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The village is a Christmas experience that befits its quirky centerpiece. Instead of poinsettias, you’ll see baskets of “imperfect” fruits and veggies for sale; one taste from a cocktail made with the “ugly” ingredients will prove to you that looks aren’t everything. And, since this is all about being a little different and quirky, instead of gingerbread and candy canes, you’ll be able to snack on tacos and hot dogs.

via Facebook/Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal
via Facebook/Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal
via Facebook/Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal

Organizers are hoping to make the ugly tree an annual tradition, a sort of alternative to the Rockefeller Center types of holiday displays. Because while there’s always a place for those magical moments where everything seems effortlessly perfect, there’s also always a place for remembering that it’s okay (and kind of fun) to be a little different, too. For more info and hours on 2017’s Village, check out the event’s Facebook page!

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