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If you’ve ever heard of #AskACuratorDay, then you know that it’s an adorable social media event that allows the public to ask museum curators all kinds of questions about museum collections, their jobs, pretty much anything. It’s meant to be an insightful and personal look into some of the world’s favorite museums… but this year, things took a dark turn. What started off as an intriguing question quickly devolved into all-out war, involving robots, dinos, robot dinos, poison, volcanos, nukes, grotesque mermen, plagues of locusts, rifles, dragons, and more. It all started when @Bednarz asked if the Science Museum, London or the Natural History Museum in London would win in a staff battle.

The Natural History Museum was quick to respond and seemed quite confident in their answer.

The Science Museum, however, didn’t quite agree with that.

From there, things devolved quickly.

The debate raged and threats were made, and more museums were dragged into the battle royale.

Despite the Victoria and Albert Museum’s plea for peace, war waged on. Just when you thought it was over…

…the fight kept on.

It wasn’t until the two found common ground in a favorite subject (whales) that the museums made peace. The whole debate is worth a read, and begs the question… which museum is your money on?

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