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Yeah, Shark Week is fun and all… but it can never touch the pure perfection that is Jaws. Jaws is the perfect summer movie… it’s got action, suspense, tragedy, romance (between Hooper and all sharks), a great bad guy (I’m talking about the Mayor, not the shark), and a perfect ending. In honor of the Spielberg classic, the Alamo Drafthouse is reviving their successful “Jaws on the Water” until July 23rd.

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The $55 ticket gets you a special shark-themed inner tube to float in while you watch the movie (or Jaws 2 or Jaws 3 in 3D or Jaws: The Revenge). They have shark-bite make-up, all of the little details from the movie (like the Amity Island sign that gets graffitied) and tons of other fun bits and pieces. Plus, it’s taking place at Volente Beach Water Park, so you’ll get access to the rides, slides, and pools before the show starts once the sun sets. Enjoy floating in total relaxation, drink in hand, while you enjoy the screening.

The whole things honestly sounds like it would be a ton of fun… if it wasn’t for the fact that they say that “unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths…” which could be referring to the fact that there will be sneaky scuba divers in the lake, ready to scare the swimsuit off you (or, as they say, you have “the chance to be a floating shark snack for a squad of scuba divers to scare.”) You’ve been warned. The whole event ends with fireworks, which is basically the best way to cap off an awesome summer night.

Get your tickets for the fun before they sell out, and make a toast to swimmin’ with bow-legged women!

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